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0000015file[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-11 11:27
ReportereschwartzAssigned Tochristos 
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Summary0000015: Try to acquire the "magic" name on the Python Package Index
DescriptionPer an abandoned project can be deleted by the PyPI maintainers to clear the way for reusing the name.

The current "magic" package on is unmaintained since initial upload in 2003, it cannot even be installed as there is no code uploaded to PyPI, the "Project links: Download" points at a website that no longer exists (according to it disappeared sometime between 20121203 and 20130103), and I cannot find the original uploader on the internet more recently than 2003.

I suspect it would not be difficult to convince the PyPI maintainers of the validity of a claim by the official project. :)
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2018-07-25 06:55

manager   ~0000016

I'll send mail to who owns the project first.


2018-07-25 06:59

manager   ~0000017

I've sent mail, waiting for a response.


2018-08-01 09:02

manager   ~0000021

Sent mail to to ask what to do next.


2018-08-11 11:27

manager   ~0000046

No answer there, opened:

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