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0000001fileGeneralpublic2024-02-18 06:14
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Summary0000001: New additions and improvements: ADX, DDS, KTX, Wii/GCN
DescriptionHere are a bunch of patches I've been queueing up for a while, but haven't been able to submit due to the previous bug tracker being down. There are 20 patches (corresponding to local commits).

Overall list of changes:
* Support for Sega CRI ADX audio files.
* GBS files have fixed 32-char text fields, so a NULL terminator might not be present.
* Added unofficial MIME types from XDG.
* Some Sega Wii games have "GCIX" magic for GVR instead of "GBIX".
* Detect Mozilla Mork databases.
* Detect new texture formats: Khronos KTX, Valve VTF, Valve VTF3 (PS3), ASTC
* ELF: Detect Wii U binaries (Cafe OS)
* GCN/Wii: Detect unencrypted images from RVT-H Readers and headered images from the official SDKs.
* DirectDraw Surface: Moved from msdos to images; added more detail; reuse the rules for Sega PVR (Xbox) files.
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2018-06-09 17:14



2018-06-23 16:43

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patches applied! many thanks!


2018-08-01 09:03

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