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0000112: [General] Incorrect output with -iz on gzip file (christos)
0000107: [General] Add report for squashfs compression algorithm (christos)
0000108: [General] Incorrect mime type for sgml/svg (christos)
0000106: [General] add support for ILDA files (christos)
0000100: [General] device tree configuration (.dts) files listed as "C source" (christos)
0000102: [General] Incorrect fix in "PR/518: Fall back to use setlocale() for the OS's that don't support" (christos)
0000103: [General] ZStandard incorrect MIME type application/x-zstd (christos)
0000096: [General] Add support for Hermes compiled JavaScript bytecode (christos)
0000092: [General] file-5.37 falsely identifies text file (PSF license) as audio/x-psf (christos)
0000091: [General] Ruby files are detected properly when require contains '.' (christos)
0000082: [General] Xbox, Xbox 360, VGM, and SNDH improvements (christos)
0000085: [General] Support CSV detection (christos)
0000079: [General] [PATCH] add OpenTimestamps related magic entries (christos)
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Released 2019-05-16
0000078: [General] [PATCH] add BambooTracker instrument, and version number detection (christos)
0000073: [General] Reports Zip archive data for data with only one PK central dir signature (christos)
0000076: [General] [PATCH] Fix Python 3.7 byte-compiled detection (christos)
0000072: [General] magic/Magdir/apple reports as data (instead of ASCII) (christos)
0000075: [General] file-5.36: configure --enable-zlib actually disables Zlib (christos)
0000070: [General] [PATCH] Add AIX backup and package format detection (christos)
0000069: [General] mistakes Xorg.0.log file as JSON data (christos)
0000066: [General] Another batch of patches for various game console formats (christos)
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Released 2019-02-20
0000064: [General] ASAN: memcpy-param-overlap (christos)
0000065: [General] Possible stack corruption (christos)
0000063: [General] Stack buffer overflow 2 (christos)
0000062: [General] Stack buffer overflow (christos)
0000057: [General] docx files determined as zip file type. (christos)
0000050: [General] xlsx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000029: [General] file command does not default to "don't follow symlinks" as claimed in --help (christos)
0000024: [General] Invalid ZIP archive version (christos)
0000035: [General] Video files detected as image/x-tga (christos)
0000028: [General] file reports a dynamically linked library as ELF 32-bit LSB pie executable instead of ELF 32-bit LSB shared object (christos)
0000026: [General] Regex match does not capture all characters to end of line (christos)
0000054: [General] Berkeley DB file detection error (christos)
0000053: [General] Output is not always consistent with cso files (christos)
0000052: [General] mp3 file is determined as "audio/mpegapplication/x-tar" (christos)
0000051: [General] Update MIME types for fonts (christos)
0000049: [General] Normal TSV identified as Algol 68 (christos)
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Released 2018-10-18
0000047: [General] [PATCH] Add mime and extension for AMR (christos)
0000023: [General] JSON is determined as "text/plain" (christos)
0000046: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000045: [General] unreadable output for macho fat files (christos)
0000031: [General] pstring documentation error (christos)
0000038: [General] Typo in text for Microsoft Roslyn (christos)
0000036: [General] Remaining references to (christos)
0000040: [General] Wrong mime type of Canon CR2 raw image data (christos)
0000039: [General] Document jpeg "frames 3" (christos)
0000033: [General] file --help bug reporting location is outdated (christos)
0000043: [General] Obsolete HAVE_STDDEF_H symbol (christos)
0000041: [General] Obsolete HAVE_LIMITS_H symbol (christos)
0000044: [General] Obsolete HAVE_SIGNAL_H symbol (christos)
0000042: [General] Obsolete HAVE_LOCALE_H symbol (christos)
0000030: [General] Different behaviour for setparam with value zero (christos)
0000025: [General] Magic strength computation underflow (christos)
0000027: [General] Fix HPROF detection (christos)
0000022: [General] Possible typo in warning: macro `It' not defined (christos)
0000012: [General] Please support EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) (christos)
0000010: [General] Please tech file to recognize the Sketchup 3D model format (christos)
0000016: [General] magic for AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (christos)
0000019: [General] Recognize ia64 and amd64 COFF files (christos)
0000021: [General] [PATCH] Add png extensions (christos)
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Not Yet Released
0000113: [General] Error handling is seriously broken in kill built-in when started in non-interactive mode and with SIGINT ignored (christos)
0000088: [General] :q does not preserve empty strings (christos)
0000094: [General] Apple patches not applied (christos)
0000081: [General] Filename expansion inside square brackets is apparently broken (christos)
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Released 2019-05-08
0000074: [General] Bug in tcsh postcmd alias handling (christos)
0000037: [General] Pasting a unicode long-hyphen at the prompt crashes TCSH 6.19.01 + with LC_ALL=C (christos)
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