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0000529: [General] NETDATA detection in magic file 'ibm370' needx to be fixed. (christos)
0000530: [General] Magic file to detect EldOS Corporation SolidFS (.st) files. (christos)
0000535: [General] Add support for Keyman keyboard files (christos)
0000240: [General] PE files are reported as "for MS Windows" even though they are not (administrator)
0000517: [General] xlsx file content type is detected as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000519: [General] Improve Hercules DASD image reporting (christos)
0000521: [General] Add support for AdLib ROL format (christos)
0000518: [General] Typo in snprintb format (christos)
0000514: [General] xhtml File gets detected as just xml OR html (christos)
0000511: [General] html file gets misdetected as csv (christos)
0000510: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000508: [General] JPEG header detection: name use count (50) exceeded (christos)
0000513: [General] mygetopt.h licensing terms are outdated (NetBSD moved from BSD-4-Clause to BSD-2-Clause) (christos)
0000509: [General] geos update (christos)
0000276: [General] between 5.37 and 5.39, file starts identifying bin/sh script with patched shebang as awk/perl (christos)
0000504: [General] Recognise z/OS Program Objects (christos)
0000506: [General] Detect PNGs with APNG extension as such (christos)
0000503: [General] Man pages imprecisions (christos)
0000485: [General] MSDOS executables incorrectly classified as "Windows Icons Library 16-bit" (christos)
0000501: [General] Weak magic for video/quicktime (christos)
0000306: [General] Not recognized: MPEG-2 transport stream (christos)
0000471: [General] seccomp: remove prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE) snake oil (christos)
0000472: [General] Add magic for MOC3 and CAFF formats (christos)
0000474: [General] Support for PlayStation 3/4 SELF (Signed ELF) (christos)
0000475: [General] Magic for Microsoft HTML Application (HTA) (christos)
0000481: [General] A heap-buffer-underflow in mkdbname (apprentice.c:3485:10) (christos)
0000477: [General] leading #![cfg_attr(...)] in rust source can get identified as a shebang (and thus as an executable script) (christos)
0000479: [General] Add magic for libplacebo cache files (christos)
0000484: [General] Misclassifies lua source file as 'JavaScript source, ASCII text' (christos)
0000497: [General] Atari hypertext (christos)
0000499: [General] file misidentifies DSOs with FLAGS_1 tag as "static-pie linked" (christos)
0000500: [General] Add ktx and ktx2 mime types and extension definitions (christos)
0000487: [General] file fails to classify OnionBrowser.ipa correctly (christos)
0000488: [General] mime type for .m3u files (christos)
0000468: [General] Add magic for NRRD imaging data format (christos)
0000469: [General] dllexport keyword required for building Win32 DLL (christos)
0000470: [General] text/xml detected instead of image/svg+xml (christos)
0000457: [General] application/vnd.hp-HPGL false positives (christos)
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Released 2023-07-27
0000461: [General] file does not recognize PaperPort MAX files. (christos)
0000462: [General] support for the age, scrypt file encryption tools (christos)
0000463: [General] CSV is detected as ASCII text (christos)
0000464: [General] Perl module with package version not detected as Perl source (christos)
0000465: [General] SIGSEGV crash in cdf_ctime when musl is used (malicious Office document) (christos)
0000443: [General] Private PKCS8 SSH keys aren't recognized (christos)
0000453: [General] Make magic.mgc fails (christos)
0000442: [General] DKIF / IVF formats not recognized (christos)
0000454: [General] C source file classified as HTML (christos)
0000455: [General] Incomplete documentation for magic_getpath in (christos)
0000456: [General] LRZip: wrong MIME type (christos)
0000452: [General] mdoc man pages misidentified as C source (christos)
0000451: [General] Improved magic file for DwarFS file system images (christos)
0000438: [General] Some Apple QuickTime videos not recognised by file 5.44 (christos)
0000436: [General] "file" reports incorrect line ending for a file with CR on 65536th byte (christos)
0000450: [General] SIMH emulated tape files (".tap") mis-identified as ATARI Degas (christos)
0000447: [General] MIME type output: missing separator between matches from multiple magic files (christos)
0000439: [General] Add magic for SmartVersion binary patch files (christos)
0000440: [General] Bug when using -z with an lzrip compressed file (christos)
0000441: [General] Radiance File MIME-Types Commented Out (christos)
0000446: [General] PDF appendix allows header in first 1024 bytes; Magic looks in 256 (christos)
0000444: [General] different result when file length is bigger than 65537 bytes (christos)
0000449: [General] Add magic for the DWARFS compressed file system format (christos)
0000448: [General] invalid MIME type for broken input (christos)
0000427: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000433: [General] Since f7a65db, ELF file magic is broken for all ELF files with a note section (christos)
0000421: [General] Debian package with control file with zstd compression has extension truncated (christos)
0000423: [General] Doesn't properly identify Mathematica notebooks MIME type (christos)
0000432: [General] file does not recognize precompiled files, generated by llvm (christos)
0000426: [General] Error "lhs/off overflow 4294967295 0" is printed to console (christos)
0000429: [General] Build failure with gcc 4.8 (christos)
0000431: [General] ERROR: (null) when running with --mime-type on a specific byte sequence (christos)
0000419: [General] Add Cflags compile-time flags for pkg-config (christos)
0000417: [General] filetype for Microsoft OneNote files is not detected (christos)
0000416: [General] Test failure on sparc (christos)
0000418: [General] Patch for HWP file format signature (christos)
0000415: [General] ChangeLog.lz: empty (lzip compressed data, version: 1) (christos)
0000414: [General] Missing handling for EM_AMDGPU and most other architectures (christos)
0000411: [General] Sony XAVC reported as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000413: [General] softmagic.c fails to compile due to undefined UINT_MAX (christos)
0000412: [General] file 5.43 compile error on MinGW/MSYS2 and fix (christos)
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Released 2022-12-26
0000404: [General] mime-types and extensions for GRIB (christos)
0000405: [General] Wrong mime for JPEG XL images (christos)
0000407: [General] mime-type and extension not emitted for lzma (christos)
0000400: [General] Haskell & Julia (christos)
0000403: [General] Any text file containing a line starting with "PROC" identified as Algol 68 source text (christos)
0000402: [General] Add support for Playdate native files (christos)
0000399: [General] file typos (christos)
0000397: [General] Regression in mode -f- (stdin) (christos)
0000398: [General] Build failure without wide support (e.g. on uclibc) (christos)
0000387: [General] !:strength sometimes causes magic to disappear (christos)
0000389: [General] /usr/bin/env patterns should be stronger than more general patterns (christos)
0000395: [General] no magic for .tar.bz3 and .bz3 files (christos)
0000394: [General] Makefile misidentified as "PRO-PACK archive data", while file -i is correct (christos)
0000304: [General] Netpbm format does not correctly parse size for some images (christos)
0000372: [General] allocation-size-too-big for file with ASAN (christos)
0000390: [General] Detection for Frontier Silicon firmware downloads (christos)
0000382: [General] dsd64-dsf test fails with musl C library (christos)
0000385: [General] Anki APKG files are not recognized separately from ZIP files (christos)
0000384: [General] Mime type application/x-ndjson misspelled as "x-ndjason" (christos)
0000381: [General] test.c:61:22: warning: use after 'free' of 's_17' [CWE-416] [-Wanalyzer-use-after-free] (christos)
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Released 2022-09-13
0000373: [General] only match first out of multiple magic files (christos)
0000379: [General] New python file-magic release (christos)
0000363: [General] Truncated filenames containing multibyte characters (christos)
0000376: [General] Commit 43f7989076aa3731f3558c6954780bc7b2734b64 broke VHD detection (christos)
0000375: [General] Broken output for national characters (christos)
0000374: [General] Endless busyloop in file_mbswidth (christos)
0000371: [General] magic type returned is 100% bogus: ", utcTime=2073-\0120-.0 23:85:8\012 GMT" (christos)
0000370: [General] Typo for "PhotometricIntepretation" (christos)
0000369: [General] src/vasprintf.c typo fix (christos)
0000366: [General] Added to xo65 (christos)
0000367: [General] Add detection of DuckDB database files (christos)
0000365: [General] add detection of Unison archive format (christos)
0000364: [General] Truncated "from" string when processing QEMU ELF coredumps (christos)
0000359: [General] v5.42 not correctly identifying JSON Lines files (christos)
0000362: [General] File name in output shortened with -raw option (christos)
0000361: [General] add save file detection of burp (christos)
0000360: [General] "file -N -f" print dot instead file name (christos)
0000358: [General] filenames in output limited to single char when reading files from stdin (5.42 regression) (christos)
0000357: [General] Please add EROFS loop file detection (christos)
0000356: [General] JSON parsing incorrectly accepts misspellings for true/false/null in json_parse_const() (christos)
0000354: [General] Fails to detect JSON in case of empty array with spaces (christos)
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Released 2022-06-10
0000351: [General] Escape "special" characters before outputting (christos)
0000348: [General] Can the "-m" parameter take anything as its value? (christos)
0000349: [General] Any text file content starting with PR is detected as RAGE Package Format (RPF) (christos)
0000343: [General] btrfs send image (new file format) (christos)
0000347: [General] Detect Godot textures; improvements for NGPC, Mega Drive, others (christos)
0000340: [General] The ASF_JFIF_Media guid definition is missing two bytes (christos)
0000339: [General] Add more Hercules DASD image types (christos)
0000338: [General] Added more Oric (christos)
0000332: [General] misdetects "[number] text" files as JSON data (christos)
0000334: [General] Binary data files detected as Unicode text (christos)
0000336: [General] using `env` breaks detection of zsh scripts (shown as plain text) (christos)
0000326: [General] add support for QGis files which are currently identified as HTML document (christos)
0000325: [General] WOFF / WOFF2 fonts have no mimetype associated (christos)
0000328: [General] Add various missing MIME-Types (christos)
0000327: [General] fails to detect a json file as JSON data (christos)
0000331: [General] macOS: check fails (christos)
0000329: [General] Another IFF format (christos)
0000322: [General] test should not skip underlying OS errors (e.g. file not found) (christos)
0000321: [General] memory double free if to invoke test with unexpected count of arguments (christos)
0000319: [General] Text files are identified as data (christos)
0000316: [General] .dbf files misidentified as "amd 29k coff prebar executable" (christos)
0000318: [General] Added Oric (christos)
0000314: [General] Add magic for Pronto CCF files (christos)
0000315: [General] Fixed console (christos)
0000311: [General] New magic for the NIfTI neuroimaging file format (christos)
0000308: [General] Fix and improve ARJ file information (christos)
0000310: [General] AddressSanitizer: stack-buffer-overflow on address 0x7ffc1ece1ae0 at pc 0x00000050bb19 bp 0x7ffc1ecdf090 sp 0x7ffc1ecdf088 (christos)
0000305: [General] file utility fails on a simple binary file with ERROR: (null) (christos)
0000307: [General] Build failure with gcc 4.8 (christos)
0000303: [General] False positive PCP (christos)
0000300: [General] Long GIF image doesn't show correct resolution (christos)
0000299: [General] Separate magic for uuencode and xxencode (christos)
0000294: [General] Magic bytes c64 .dfi format (christos)
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Released 2021-10-18
0000283: [General] More X11 (christos)
0000288: [General] Naming conflict when compiling libmagic as Windows static library (christos)
0000287: [General] MIME of message/rfc822 detected as text/plain (christos)
0000285: [General] Python biding of libmagic crash when trying to detect encoding in multithread (christos)
0000284: [General] New file format - SER video sequence (christos)
0000281: [General] epub files report duplicate format names (christos)
0000279: [General] Java source code is reported as C source file (christos)
0000280: [General] Detect silverlight (christos)
0000277: [General] More Plan 9 (christos)
0000275: [General] PDFs with /Filter/FlateDecode streams are incorrectly marked as "password protected" (christos)
0000273: [General] nim files reported as ASCII text (christos)
0000272: [General] Missing separator in multiple mimetypes for some files (christos)
0000268: [General] Magic number and MIME type registration for Resilient Logic (christos)
0000267: [General] File detects CPIO files as "application/octet-stream" (christos)
0000269: [General] Undefined Behavior: applying zero offset to null pointer (christos)
0000270: [General] When printing with %c from magic file, some characters are still escaped as \ooo in output even with -r option (christos)
0000015: [General] Try to acquire the "magic" name on the Python Package Index (christos)
0000263: [General] Shebang patterns only match the beginning of the command, rather than the whole word (christos)
0000262: [General] better sinclair (christos)
0000261: [General] New version breaks subversion tests (christos)
0000253: [General] file 5.40 can no longer print ext4 filesystem UUIDs correctly. (christos)
0000256: [General] Wrong file type for file with one-bit char before new-line (christos)
0000257: [General] file -i doesn't recognize xz files (christos)
0000259: [General] Glueing mime types into one (administrator)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2021-03-30
0000239: [General] More IFF magic again (christos)
0000196: [General] Improve pgp binary key detection support (christos)
0000180: [General] A file filled with 0xFF gets reported to be ISO-8859 (christos)
0000213: [General] Chiasmus encrypted files (.xia) (christos)
0000251: [General] elf files for Synopsys ARC are not identified correctly (christos)
0000235: [General] 5.39 reports "Certificate" instead of "ASCII text" for the PHP project NEWS file (christos)
0000241: [General] file is killed by seccomp filter when executing futex syscall (christos)
0000242: [General] Follow-up to 000226, now the marker is 4 bytes long (christos)
0000243: [General] Add libmagic.pc to .gitignore (christos)
0000244: [General] Detect NETDATA (z/OS and CMS XMI) files (christos)
0000246: [General] video/mp4 identified as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000247: [General] Magic file patterns for the LAMMPS MD code (christos)
0000237: [General] Detect Ansible Vault files (christos)
0000238: [General] MP4 Base Media v1 has the typo "IS0" (0 as the number zero) instead of "ISO" (O as the letter) (christos)
0000236: [General] Codespell report for "file" (on (christos)
0000223: [General] there should be an option to tell the user just how long long lines are (christos)
0000228: [General] 5.39 reports incorrect mime type for zip v2.0 files (christos)
0000230: [General] INI: extra CR (christos)
0000227: [General] Missing word in man page (christos)
0000232: [General] Devicetrees with a structure section larger than 1MB are not correctly identified (christos)
0000226: [General] Add support for "Birtual Machine" (not a typo) (christos)
0000233: [General] magic/console: Game Boy ROM Image RAM size is wrong for byte 03 (christos)
0000234: [General] Memory problems running finfo::buffer with PHP_CLI (christos)
0000222: [General] Add more Citrus locale database file support (christos)
0000225: [General] Any way to set parameters with python bindings? (christos)
0000221: [General] Add font name for PostScript Printer Font Binary (christos)
0000220: [General] Add compression method for ZIP archive file (christos)
0000219: [General] Add support for identifying LocoScript documents (christos)
0000218: [General] Add support for e2fsck undo files (christos)
0000216: [General] CBM BASIC support (christos)
0000211: [General] running file terminates with “ERROR: error reading” (christos)
0000215: [General] identify NeXT filesystems (christos)
0000212: [General] Add PowerPC/OpenPOWER ABI descriptions (christos)
0000207: [General] More AutoCAD DWG/DXF (christos)
0000210: [General] Wrong define for strndup workaround on AIX (christos)
0000209: [General] apprentice.c:coalesce_entries can call malloc with a 0 size (christos)
0000206: [General] More IFF magic (christos)
0000203: [General] diff files starting with "--- prof" or "--- pipe" misidentified as CLIPPER instruction profile/trace (christos)
0000202: [General] Support Vim encryption modes (christos)
0000197: [General] Be File System (bfs) file recognition (christos)
0000201: [General] Typo in manual page (christos)
0000199: [General] MovieSetter support (christos)
0000200: [General] Fantavision support (christos)
0000187: [General] Support ALZ, EGG archive format (christos)
0000195: [General] Different execution depending on whether or not --mime-type is given (christos)
0000194: [General] Missing seccomp whitelist entries for musl libc (christos)
0000193: [General] use incorrectly resets the offset (christos)
0000190: [General] use always matches (christos)
0000192: [General] Typo in magic file (christos)
0000188: [General] nested use of name is unexpected (christos)
0000189: [General] 'use' corrupts 'ms->c' (christos)
0000104: [General] pdf file incorrectly reported as `data` (christos)
0000185: [General] file doesn't know the extension of GIF/TIFF/PSD file (christos)
0000181: [General] Minor Opus Tweaks (christos)
0000182: [General] ELF shared object without dynamic section considered dynamically linked (christos)
0000183: [General] “PR 93:file incorrectly recognizes -static-pie binaries” should be reopened. (christos)
0000178: [General] Opus audio information not displayed for Opus files (christos)
0000177: [General] Add GNU/Emacs pdumper image support (christos)
0000179: [General] libmagic: Haiku build fix proposal (christos)
0000176: [General] Messages for Git objects have an incorrect id (christos)
0000175: [General] TeamViewer Session format not recognized (christos)
0000174: [General] CSV files identified as "application/csv" instead of registered "text/csv" (christos)
0000173: [General] Recognize E57 files (christos)
0000172: [General] console: Fix CGB detection (christos)
0000171: [General] New magic: More RIFF formats, Sufami Turbo, High Sierra, more textures (christos)
0000170: [General] Bad magic for Web Assembly wasm files (christos)
0000168: [General] file-5.39[seccomp][ppc64]: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'struct termios' (christos)
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Released 2020-06-14
0000184: [General] files starting with "*** " misidentified as diff (christos)
0000165: [General] Valid JSON incorrectly identified as ASCII text (christos)
0000167: [General] For XML, version="1.0" and version='1.0' are not handled in the same way (christos)
0000166: [General] Magic for PPU (christos)
0000162: [General] should allow one to provided a non-existing -e / --exclude test (christos)
0000160: [General] Add latest AutoCAD DWG magic for r2018 (christos)
0000159: [General] Missing seccomp whitelist entry for getpid() (christos)
0000158: [General] Classification of pcxlib files (christos)
0000154: [General] QTK File support missing (christos)
0000156: [General] misidentifies wikicode '''foo''' as troff (christos)
0000152: [General] JPEG header detection: name use count (30) exceeded (christos)
0000150: [General] New magic: IPS and related patches, Nintendo Badge Arcade, Xbox 360, PVR, KTX, SquashFS fix (christos)
0000148: [General] PGP magic does not recognize files encrypted to Elgamal or ECC keys (christos)
0000145: [General] Incorrect labels for PGP keys of 4096 and 8192 bytes (christos)
0000144: [General] PGP keyids are printed in the wrong byte order (christos)
0000143: [General] X.509 DER certificate not recognized (christos)
0000141: [General] Mpeg videos detected as image/x-tga (christos)
0000140: [General] hit asserts send SIGABRT leading to unplanned exit (christos)
0000128: [General] wrong detection of .pnx data files (christos)
0000139: [General] massive memory usage (leak!?) for small crafted magic files (christos)
0000138: [General] crash (heap-buffer-overflow with) with crafted binary magic file (christos)
0000136: [General] Static build failure (can be fixed by adding libmagic.pc) (christos)
0000133: [General] file 5.38 removed support for detecting pie executable (christos)
0000132: [General] Many source files get recognized as "TI-XX Graphing Calculator (FLASH)" (christos)
0000129: [General] Classification of SYLK Files (christos)
0000130: [General] sandbox blocks required TCGETS on console with glibc (christos)
26 issues View Issues
Released 2019-12-16
0000121: [General] [PATCH] tab tests/test.c (christos)
0000122: [General] [PATCH] Add test for ARM (christos)
0000124: [General] S3M files detected as mimetype application/octet-stream (christos)
0000120: [General] [PATCH] tests/test ignore (christos)
0000119: [General] UBSan: funcs.c:576:9: runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null (christos)
0000118: [General] UBSan: readelf.c:1350:19: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 4281348144 + 9223372033368272944 cannot be represented in type (christos)
0000116: [General] support lepton file type (christos)
0000114: [General] zsh shellscript recognized as plain text when the shebang is "#!/usr/bin/env zsh" (christos)
0000112: [General] Incorrect output with -iz on gzip file (christos)
0000107: [General] Add report for squashfs compression algorithm (christos)
0000108: [General] Incorrect mime type for sgml/svg (christos)
0000106: [General] add support for ILDA files (christos)
0000100: [General] device tree configuration (.dts) files listed as "C source" (christos)
0000102: [General] Incorrect fix in "PR/518: Fall back to use setlocale() for the OS's that don't support" (christos)
0000103: [General] ZStandard incorrect MIME type application/x-zstd (christos)
0000096: [General] Add support for Hermes compiled JavaScript bytecode (christos)
0000092: [General] file-5.37 falsely identifies text file (PSF license) as audio/x-psf (christos)
0000091: [General] Ruby files are detected properly when require contains '.' (christos)
0000082: [General] Xbox, Xbox 360, VGM, and SNDH improvements (christos)
0000085: [General] Support CSV detection (christos)
0000079: [General] [PATCH] add OpenTimestamps related magic entries (christos)
21 issues View Issues
Released 2019-05-16
0000078: [General] [PATCH] add BambooTracker instrument, and version number detection (christos)
0000073: [General] Reports Zip archive data for data with only one PK central dir signature (christos)
0000076: [General] [PATCH] Fix Python 3.7 byte-compiled detection (christos)
0000072: [General] magic/Magdir/apple reports as data (instead of ASCII) (christos)
0000075: [General] file-5.36: configure --enable-zlib actually disables Zlib (christos)
0000070: [General] [PATCH] Add AIX backup and package format detection (christos)
0000069: [General] mistakes Xorg.0.log file as JSON data (christos)
0000066: [General] Another batch of patches for various game console formats (christos)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-20
0000052: [General] mp3 file is determined as "audio/mpegapplication/x-tar" (christos)
0000064: [General] ASAN: memcpy-param-overlap (christos)
0000065: [General] Possible stack corruption (christos)
0000063: [General] Stack buffer overflow 2 (christos)
0000062: [General] Stack buffer overflow (christos)
0000057: [General] docx files determined as zip file type. (christos)
0000050: [General] xlsx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000029: [General] file command does not default to "don't follow symlinks" as claimed in --help (christos)
0000024: [General] Invalid ZIP archive version (christos)
0000035: [General] Video files detected as image/x-tga (christos)
0000028: [General] file reports a dynamically linked library as ELF 32-bit LSB pie executable instead of ELF 32-bit LSB shared object (christos)
0000026: [General] Regex match does not capture all characters to end of line (christos)
0000054: [General] Berkeley DB file detection error (christos)
0000053: [General] Output is not always consistent with cso files (christos)
0000051: [General] Update MIME types for fonts (christos)
0000049: [General] Normal TSV identified as Algol 68 (christos)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2018-10-18
0000047: [General] [PATCH] Add mime and extension for AMR (christos)
0000023: [General] JSON is determined as "text/plain" (christos)
0000046: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000045: [General] unreadable output for macho fat files (christos)
0000031: [General] pstring documentation error (christos)
0000038: [General] Typo in text for Microsoft Roslyn (christos)
0000036: [General] Remaining references to (christos)
0000040: [General] Wrong mime type of Canon CR2 raw image data (christos)
0000039: [General] Document jpeg "frames 3" (christos)
0000033: [General] file --help bug reporting location is outdated (christos)
0000043: [General] Obsolete HAVE_STDDEF_H symbol (christos)
0000041: [General] Obsolete HAVE_LIMITS_H symbol (christos)
0000044: [General] Obsolete HAVE_SIGNAL_H symbol (christos)
0000042: [General] Obsolete HAVE_LOCALE_H symbol (christos)
0000030: [General] Different behaviour for setparam with value zero (christos)
0000025: [General] Magic strength computation underflow (christos)
0000027: [General] Fix HPROF detection (christos)
0000022: [General] Possible typo in warning: macro `It' not defined (christos)
0000012: [General] Please support EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) (christos)
0000010: [General] Please tech file to recognize the Sketchup 3D model format (christos)
0000016: [General] magic for AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (christos)
0000019: [General] Recognize ia64 and amd64 COFF files (christos)
0000021: [General] [PATCH] Add png extensions (christos)
23 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-15
0000146: [General] test-file-bad.ttf: ERROR: can't allocate 18446744073709551604 bytes (Cannot allocate memory) (christos)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-12-09
0000312: [General] foo bar baz (christos)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-11-11
0000274: [General] Regression: slashes dropped on directory tab completion (christos)
0000258: [General] ls-F and file expansion do not support 'ln=target' in LS_COLORS (christos)
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Released 2020-11-18
0000088: [General] :q does not preserve empty strings (christos)
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Released 2019-11-28
0000113: [General] Error handling is seriously broken in kill built-in when started in non-interactive mode and with SIGINT ignored (christos)
0000094: [General] Apple patches not applied (christos)
0000081: [General] Filename expansion inside square brackets is apparently broken (christos)
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Released 2019-05-08
0000074: [General] Bug in tcsh postcmd alias handling (christos)
0000037: [General] Pasting a unicode long-hyphen at the prompt crashes TCSH 6.19.01 + with LC_ALL=C (christos)
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