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0000010fileGeneralpublic2018-08-02 06:26
Reporteranonymous Assigned Tochristos  
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Fixed in Version5.35 
Summary0000010: Please tech file to recognize the Sketchup 3D model format
DescriptionThis is forwarded from <URL: >.

The Sketchup 3D model format is used by the Sketchup modelling tool
available from <URL: >.

This is how it is handled at the moment:

  % file 35vertical.skp
  35vertical.skp: Zip archive data, o
  % file --mime 35vertical.skp
  35vertical.skp: application/octet-stream; charset=binary

According to <URL: >, its
MIME type should be application/vnd.sketchup.skp. According to
this format is not registered with IANA.

An example file can be downloaded from
<URL: >.
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2018-07-22 07:56

reporter   ~0000011

As apparently all sketchup files have an identical header (some framing and a ucs-2 encoded text), the magic is fairly simple:

0 string \xff\xfe\xff\x0e\x53\x00\x6b\x00\x65\x00\x74\x00\x63\x00\x68\x00\x55\x00\x70\x00\x20\x00\x4d\x00\x6f\x00\x64\x00\x65\x00\x6c\x00 SketchUp Model
!:mime application/vnd.sketchup.skp
!:ext skp

The Debian package will ship this from the next version on.


PS: Any chance we'll ever have the mailing list again?


2018-08-02 06:26

manager   ~0000036

Added magic, and the mailing list is in

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