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0000103fileGeneralpublic2019-09-11 15:20
Reporterstokito Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.37 
Fixed in Version5.38 
Summary0000103: ZStandard incorrect MIME type application/x-zstd
DescriptionIn the commit "PR/573: Nick Terrell: Add zstd support" was added a support for
for ZStandard compressed files with "application/x-zstd" MIME type.
But latter the official MIME type was assigned without the "x-" i.e. "application/zstd":
Steps To Reproduce$ touch test.txt
$ zstd test.txt
test.txt :1300.00% ( 0 => 13 bytes, test.txt.zst)
$ file -i test.txt.zst
test.txt.zst: application/x-zstd; charset=binary
Additional InformationAll GUI archievers (Ark, File Roller, Engrampa) internally using the correct "application/zstd" MIME type



2019-09-04 19:46

reporter   ~0003287

BTW, only 0xFD2FB528 was standardized so we can remove all previous magic signatures.
0xFD2FB522 Zstandard compressed data (v0.2)
0xFD2FB523 Zstandard compressed data (v0.3)
0xFD2FB524 Zstandard compressed data (v0.4)
0xFD2FB525 Zstandard compressed data (v0.5)
0xFD2FB526 Zstandard compressed data (v0.6)
0xFD2FB527 Zstandard compressed data (v0.7)


2019-09-11 15:20

manager   ~0003291

Fixed, thanks

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