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0000153tcshGeneralpublic2020-06-10 22:17
Reportersharifib Assigned Tochristos  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version6.22.02 
Summary0000153: Segfault involving piping to builtin + precmd
DescriptionPiping to a builtin command seems to pollute the job table (adds an entry for the pipeline).

In general, tcsh seems to recover and remove the bad job when you try to interact with it. However, if there's a precmd alias, it can segfault instead.
Steps To Reproduce> echo $tcsh
> fg
fg: No current job.
> echo | source /dev/stdin
> > jobs
[1] + Running echo |
> alias precmd true
> fg
echo |
fg: No such job (badjob).
> fg
Segmentation fault
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2020-06-10 22:17

manager   ~0003428

Just an update: the code is horribly complicated and kludgy there and any change I made, made it worse.

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