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Summary0000018: --mime-encoding reports a mangled string for .doc files
DescriptionBackground in

Calling --mime on a .doc file prints:

$ file --mime /tmp/example.doc
/tmp/example.doc: application/msword; charset=binary

Which leads me to believe --mime-encoding should print "binary", but instead it prints "application/mswordbinary":

$ file --mime-encoding /tmp/example.doc
/tmp/example.doc: application/mswordbinary

Which appears to be the concatenation of the type and the encoding. Experimenting with several other file types all print *just* their encoding (e.g. binary, us-ascii, etc.).
Steps To Reproduce1. Get a .doc file
2. Run `file --mime-encoding YOUR_FILE.doc`
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2018-07-25 07:16

manager   ~0000018

Fixed on HEAD, thanks!


2018-08-01 08:51

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