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0000240fileGeneralpublic2024-06-18 17:00
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Product Version5.39 
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Summary0000240: PE files are reported as "for MS Windows" even though they are not
DescriptionToday PE files are not just for MS Windows. Especially .NET assemblies and UEFI programs are so common and it is not correct to assume PE files are for MS Windows.
I suggest to remove "for MS Windows" from PE file reports, but I would like to hear other opinions if any.
Steps To ReproduceDownload a NuGet package (for example:, extract it, and feed DLLs contained in them.



2021-02-23 01:14

manager   ~0003557

This needs windows to extract... Can you paste the first few K of a dll or supply a patch?


2021-02-23 05:27

reporter   ~0003558

NuGet tools which can extract the file run anywhere Mono or .NET Core runs, so you don't need Windows and that is the point of this ticket.

However, it may be still troublesome to set up a .NET environment if you do not have one now. Fortunately, the file is just a ZIP file as described here:

You may just use a ZIP extractor and find files whose name end with .dll.


2024-06-18 17:00

administrator   ~0004055

Fixed, thanks

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