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0000297fileGeneralpublic2021-10-28 16:34
Reportereliz Assigned Tochristos  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformMinGWOSMS-WindowsOS VersionXPSP3
Product Version5.40 
Summary0000297: Looking inside compressed files disabled in builds which don't define HAVE_FORK
DescriptionBuilding version 5.41 on a system that doesn't have 'fork' disables built-in support for accessing compressed files, even if decompression libraries (zlib, liblzma, etc.) are available and enabled during configure run. For example 'file_zmagic' isn't even called if HAVE_FORK is not defined to a non-zero value.

I've reshuffled the various #define's and made some minor changes to the code to enable built-in decompression support when HAVE_FORK is not available. let me know if you are interested in the patch to do that.
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2021-10-28 15:31

manager   ~0003651

Sure, please send me the patch.


2021-10-28 16:34

reporter   ~0003663

I attach the patches for the 'fork' problem.
DIFFS.fork (6,155 bytes)

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