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0000304fileGeneralpublic2021-12-17 14:43
Reporterzachs18 Assigned Tochristos  
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Product Version5.41 
Fixed in Version5.42 
Summary0000304: Netpbm format does not correctly parse size for some images
DescriptionThe Netpbm image formats allow any amount of any whitespace between the width, height, and (if given) maxval fields in the header (it is only after the last field that exactly one whitespace character is allowed).
The format specification in magic/Magdir/images, however, assumes that there is exactly one space character (\ ) between width and height. This leads file to not correctly parse the width and height in files where the width and height are separated by other whitespace, e.g. a newline, two spaces, or a tab.
Steps To ReproducePlace the below into a file (not including quotes):
0 1 2 3"
`file` will report the file as `Netpbm image data, size = 0 x 1, greymap, ASCII text`, instead of `Netpbm image data, size = 2 x 2, greymap, ASCII text`
Additional InformationI believe this can be fixed by changing the regular expression on line 182 of magic/Magdir/images from "[0-9]{1,50}\ [0-9]{1,50}" to "[0-9]{1,50}[\040\t\f\r\n]+[0-9]{1,50}"

Attached files are reported as:
test1.pgm: `Netpbm image data, size = 0 x 0, greymap, ASCII text`
test2.pgm: `, rawbits, greymap`
but should be reported as:
test1.pgm: `Netpbm image data, size = 2 x 2, greymap, ASCII text`
test2.pgm: `Netpbm image data, size = 2 x 2, rawbits, greymap`



2021-12-06 06:32


test2.pgm (15 bytes)   
test2.pgm (15 bytes)   
test1.pgm (19 bytes)   
test1.pgm (19 bytes)   


2021-12-17 14:43

manager   ~0003684

Fixed as suggested, thanks!

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