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0000313tcshGeneralpublic2022-01-22 15:10
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PlatformAMD64OSFreeBSDOS Version13.0
Product Version6.21.00 
Summary0000313: On exit history file is overwitten without merging
set history = 65535
set savehist = ( 65535 merge )

According to the tcsh manual page (description section of the "history -S|-L|-M [filename]"):
"If the second word of savehist is set to `merge', the history list is merged with
the existing history file instead of replacing it"

But actually it overwrites the history file without merging.
I get the same results using "history -S" or on exit from tcsh session.

Also tried to set lower history number to 1000 etc. Same results.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set history options in "~/.cshrc" or "/etc/csh.cshrc":
set history = 65535
set savehist = ( 65535 merge )

2. Open 2 tcsh sessions.

3. Enter some commands in the first session and then save the history by using "history -S" command or by exiting from the session.

4. Save history the same way in the second session. History file will be overwritten, the new commands from 1st session will be lost.
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