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0000347fileGeneralpublic2022-05-14 20:36
ReporterGerbilSoft Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version5.42 
Summary0000347: Detect Godot textures; improvements for NGPC, Mega Drive, others
DescriptionThe attached patches add the following:
* Detect Godot STEX textures from Godot 3 and Godot 4. This includes image size, codec, and rescale value (if applicable).
* Neo Geo Pocket Color: Print the NEOPxxxx serial number.
* riff: Print calling metadata from RecorderGear TR500 call recordings. The metadata indicates if it was an incoming or outgoing call, and the dialed/received phone number.
* DDS: Print DXGI formats.
* Mega Drive: Improve system type detection; add more variants for Sega Pico, including a few that don't start with "SEGA".
* c64: Expand CBM cartridge image detection for VICE 3.0, which now includes C128, CBM-II, VIC-20, and Plus/4.
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2022-05-14 20:36

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Added, thanks!

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