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0000368tcshGeneralpublic2022-07-15 19:09
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Platformamd64OSFreeBSD, LinuxOS Versionall
Product Version6.23.00 
Summary0000368: Pipe error
Descriptionvmstat -m | head -n 1 && vmstat -m | grep smtn_present

does not _always_ show the output of the second command, but prints only the headers. The main word here is "always", as sometimes it works fine, but sometimes shows only the headers of vmstat. When commands are separated with a semicolon, everything works fine.
vmstat -m | head -n 1 || vmstat -m | grep smtn_present
sometimes shows output from both commands.

Tested on FreeBSD and Debian linux.
Steps To Reproduce- log into tcsh
- vmstat -m | head -n 1 && vmstat -m | grep smtn_present
- enter the command many-many times and see the different results
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2022-07-15 19:09


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