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0000037tcsh[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-10-13 21:34
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Summary0000037: Pasting a unicode long-hyphen at the prompt crashes TCSH 6.19.01 + with LC_ALL=C
DescriptionIf I do not set $LC_ALL, I can paste a long-hyphen character '–' into the prompt and it displays properly. If I instead set:

setenv LC_ALL C

Then try to paste the code, I get a segfault at ed.inputl.c GetNextCommand() at:
cmd = CurrentKeyMap[*ch];

I tracked the issue down to PR/437 commit 4b12ecbf108. Reverting this patch allows the paste to go through (it now displays escape characters instead of the hyphen, but doesn't crash).

Building on linux x86-64

tcsh --version: (x86_64-unknown-linux) options wide,nls,dl,al,kan,sm,rh,color,filec
Steps To Reproduce./configure
./tcsh -f
setenv LC_ALL C
<paste –>
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2018-10-13 21:34

reporter   ~0000097

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