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0000395fileGeneralpublic2022-10-16 13:00
Reportersaltedcoffii Assigned Tochristos  
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Platformx86_64OSArch LinuxOS Versionrolling
Product Version5.43 
Fixed in Version5.44 
Summary0000395: no magic for .tar.bz3 and .bz3 files
Description.tar.bz3 and .bz3 files created by the bzip3 utility are reported as “data” and “application/octet-stream”. They should proabably show up similarly to the .tar.bz2 and .bz2 files, e.g., “bzip3 compressed data, block size = <>" and “application/x-bzip3”
Steps To Reproduce1. Compress a file using the bzip3 utility (or use the random data file provided)
2a. Read the file using `file <>.bz3`
2b. and `file --mime-type <>.bz3`
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Tagscompression, magic



2022-10-14 12:34


foo.bz3 (756,960 bytes)


2022-10-16 12:21

reporter   ~0003835

I realized that to find magic bytes, multiple files are required to compare and not all developers may have access to a compiled bzip3 yet. Here is a statically linked bzip3 v1.1.6 (latest version at the time of writing) for x86_64, and some files that have been randomly generated with `base64 /dev/random | head -c 10000` and compressed with `bzip3` and `tar`/`bzip3`.

Also, how do developers find magic bytes? I work with file a lot, so I'm sure I could help if I knew how to find magic bytes for unsupported files. Let me know!


2022-10-16 13:00

manager   ~0003836

Added, thanks!

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