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0000408fileGeneralpublic2024-02-17 19:30
ReporterSpraxDev Assigned Tochristos  
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
OSManjaro Linux 
Product Version5.43 
Fixed in Version5.45 
Summary0000408: --preserve-date causes crash when sandboxing syscalls (SIGSYS)
DescriptionWhen I run 'file --preserve-date /bin/true' I get an error message (not in English, otherwise I would share).
But strace gives me the additional info '+++ killed by SIGSYS +++'.

When running 'file --no-sandbox --preserve-date /bin/true' it works without any issues.
Steps To ReproduceRun file --preserve-date /bin/true
Additional InformationWhen running 'file --no-sandbox --preserve-date /bin/true' it works without any issues.
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2022-12-26 19:23

manager   ~0003879

Fixed, thanks!


2024-02-17 19:30

reporter   ~0004012

I though my distro just didn't update the file package all the time but at some point it did.

I'm still seeing the exact same issue on file v5.45 with strace showing `+++ killed by SIGSYS +++`

magic file from /usr/share/file/misc/magic
seccomp support included

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