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0000467fileGeneralpublic2023-07-27 18:34
Reportergamma Assigned Tochristos  
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Fixed in Version5.45 
Summary0000467: Improper MIME type for HWPX format
DescriptionThis previous patch fixed the HWPX format detection,
so HWPX is now recognized as "application/hwp+zip".

But HWPX format is not registered with IANA, custom MIME type should be used with 'x-' prefix (
so using 'application/hwp+zip' would be inappropriate.
I'd suggest using the 'application/x-hwpx' instead.

It follows the rules and has some consistency with the HWP format ('application/x-hwp');
I have a question that is not directly related to this topic:
I found the following line in the HWP format

`#!:mime application/haansofthwp`.
Path 'file/magic/Magdir/ole2compounddocs', line 270, commit HEAD (baebbe86bc8d918103c4079839fc0b8585ef299b)

What is this? Is it just a comment for additional information? I'm asking because application/haansofthwp is also used as MIME type for HWP format. Even it doesn't follow the rules.

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2023-07-23 06:38


HWP2016.hwpx (14,377 bytes)


2023-07-23 06:49

reporter   ~0003965

Although mimetype has 'application/hwp+zip', it does not follow the protocols.
I think the other solution might be to change to 'application/x-hwpx+zip'.


2023-07-27 17:56

manager   ~0003966

added x-. The other (starts with #) is a comment.


2023-07-27 18:34

reporter   ~0003967

I think adding only the 'x-' prefix might be a problem.
Because when you use `isMimeType("application/x-hwp")' to check it, HWP5.0 formats and HWPX formats will be considered because they have the same type.

So I think 'application/x-hwpx' or the 'application/x-hwpx+zip' would be better.
I much prefer the 'application/x-hwpx' as the ODT format doesn't add the '+zip' suffix.

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