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0000068fileGeneralpublic2019-07-21 18:31
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Summary0000068: Native decompression formats
DescriptionNote: This is a copy of the original issue ( without the spam.

Currently file uses external applications to decompress certain file formats before analysing them.
This prevents effective sandboxing via seccomp.

This bug is to collect information and keep track of the progress of implementing all compression formats using libraries

Currently we have the folloging native decompression functions:

The following external decompression tools are currently used and need to be implemented using their respective libraries:


Additional information:

most of the necessary source code can be found here:
(thanks christos)
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2019-02-24 16:27

reporter   ~0003223

Do you want all compression to be handled within compress.c (using only this one file) or can we use additional files for each compression algorithm?

Also, it seems I cannot close my own issues, so if possible please close the old one:


2019-02-24 18:09

manager   ~0003224

I think each compression scheme can come in its own file and this way we can probably use an adapter so we don't have to modify all sources.


2019-02-24 22:18

reporter   ~0003226

After taking a look at the bsd implementations, I think we can at least use the xz (unxz.c) decompression and the bzip (unbzip2.c) decompression code.
One issue remaining is that they use file descriptors for in and output and not strings.
I am not quite sure how we should adapt the code to be used by file.
Also I still don't completely understand some of the decompression handling of file.
Since I am not an expert on C I am rather reluctant to mess with stuff like that, especially since it involves a widely used program like file.

Nonetheless I am looking to push this to get a working implementation of seccomp into file (Debian buster just disabled seccomp as well :( )


2019-03-03 14:56

reporter   ~0003228

Can you please provide the adapter to allow for easier adoption of third party compression code. That would be a great help.


2019-07-21 18:31

manager   ~0003265

bzip, lzma, xz added by Christoph Biedl

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