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0000086fileGeneralpublic2019-06-16 00:16
ReporterMababa Assigned Tochristos  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.36 
Summary0000086: wrong type reported for text files beginning with the characters "BIK"
DescriptionAny text file where the first three characters are "BIK" are reported as "Bink Video". The more text that follows these initial characters, the more bogus information "file" seems to report.

$ echo BIK hello | file -
/dev/stdin: Bink Video rev.h, 0 audio track
$ echo BIKING to work | file -
/dev/stdin: Bink Video rev.t, 1870078063 frames, 0 audio track
$ echo BIKes have more fun when they sleep | file -
/dev/stdin: Bink Video rev.e, 1852139639x1701344288, 1830839670 frames at rate 175138149/1819484281, 0 audio track
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2019-06-16 00:16

manager   ~0003255

I made it a bit stronger.

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