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0000087fileGeneralpublic2020-08-24 12:56
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Summary0000087: Support for Flattened Device Tree files (fdt)
DescriptionI think it would be helpful if the file command supported Flattened Device Tree files (fdt).

The file magic is "d0 0d fe ed"

These resources may be helpful

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2019-06-16 00:08

manager   ~0003254

You mean dtb and it already does:

sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo-plus2.dtb: Device Tree Blob version 17, size=25978, boot CPU=0, string block size=1870, DT structure block size=23028


2020-08-03 07:59

reporter   ~0003439

Yes, file detects dtb files. But what about itb files that are composed using its source files? This way you can package several images like Linux kernel, related DTB files in one image. It also has "d0 0d fe ed" as magic, but the other fields seem to be different.

See this PDF for more information:


2020-08-23 19:27

manager   ~0003456

I looked quite a bit for fdt examples, even at the uboot source and I could not make sense of it. Do you have example files?


2020-08-24 12:56

reporter   ~0003461

This deb package [1] has kernel-fit.itb file in CONTENTS/boot folder. kernel-fit.itb holds zImage and a number of DTB files. The source file (ITS) can be found here [2].


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