Released 2021-12-09
0000312: [General] foo bar baz (christos)
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Released 2021-11-11
0000274: [General] Regression: slashes dropped on directory tab completion (christos)
0000258: [General] ls-F and file expansion do not support 'ln=target' in LS_COLORS (christos)
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Released 2020-11-18
0000088: [General] :q does not preserve empty strings (christos)
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Released 2019-11-28
0000113: [General] Error handling is seriously broken in kill built-in when started in non-interactive mode and with SIGINT ignored (christos)
0000094: [General] Apple patches not applied (christos)
0000081: [General] Filename expansion inside square brackets is apparently broken (christos)
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Released 2019-05-08
0000074: [General] Bug in tcsh postcmd alias handling (christos)
0000037: [General] Pasting a unicode long-hyphen at the prompt crashes TCSH 6.19.01 + with LC_ALL=C (christos)
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