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0000117fileGeneralpublic2019-11-02 18:18
Reporterjagdpanther Assigned Tochristos  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.37 
Summary0000117: file --mime result for gzip changed in 5.37
DescriptionIn file-5.36 (and prior) "file --mime" for a <file>.tar.gz file returned "application/x-gzip". Now in file-5.37 the same files returns "application/gzip".
Steps To Reproducefile --mime <gzip file>
    (while using file-5.37)
Additional InformationThis is an issue for programmatic use of "file --mime" and expecting "application/x-gzip" for .gz files.
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2019-11-02 18:18

manager   ~0003327

Yes, unfortunately file output changes periodically because standards evolve. In this case file follows the recommendation from, which was ratified in 2012

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