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0000158fileGeneralpublic2020-05-30 23:53
ReporterSembiance Assigned Tochristos  
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Product Version5.38 
Fixed in Version5.39 
Summary0000158: Classification of pcxlib files
Descriptionpcxlib is an old compression format back in the MS-DOS days. libmagic currently classifies these files as 'data'

Information about the format can be found here:

These files usually end in .PCL.

I've attached a magic file that correctly identifies the file and also a test file.

Could this format be incorporated into libmagic?

This is my first time contributing to libmagic and as such my attached magic file might not be as awesome as it could be (like detection of version for example).



2020-04-19 16:24


POKER.PCL (101,558 bytes)
pcxlib-magic (131 bytes)   
# pcxLib.exe compression program
0	string/b	pcxLib
>0x0A	string/b	Copyright\ (c)\ Genus\ Microprogramming,\ Inc.	pcxLib compressed
pcxlib-magic (131 bytes)   


2020-05-30 23:53

manager   ~0003416

Added, thanks!

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