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0000197fileGeneralpublic2020-10-11 20:26
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Fixed in Version5.40 
Summary0000197: Be File System (bfs) file recognition
DescriptionHi all,

I don't know here is the right place for suggesting a new file type, but I do it and I hope it's useful.
When I was working on some file systems in the forensics lab, I noticed that the BFS file system has not been detected by file. According to the [Wikipedia] page:

>> The Be File System (BFS) is the native file system for the BeOS. In the Linux kernel, it is referred to as "BeFS" to avoid confusion with Boot File System.

So I decided to report this as an issue. Generating a BFS file image is very easy:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/random of=my_bfs.img bs=1M count=50
$ sudo mkfs.bfs my_bfs.img

Again reviewing the BFS file structure [here], we can find that the magic number is `1BADFACE'.
Hence adding the BFS file type to the file magic header list is very straightforward.


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2020-10-09 08:28

reporter   ~0003485

You mixed two different file systems, please read your own quote!

BEFS_SUPER_MAGIC1 = 0x42465331, /* BFS1 */
BEFS_SUPER_MAGIC2 = 0xdd121031,
BEFS_SUPER_MAGIC3 = 0x15b6830e,


2020-10-11 20:26

manager   ~0003491

Added both.

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