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0000002fileGeneralpublic2018-08-01 09:04
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Summary0000002: Too much false positive for DIY-Thermocam format
DescriptionI think the DIY-Thermocam format in the "measure" magic file is unwell defined and causes too many false positives.
For example :

# V1 or Lepton 2.x
9608 byte <19
>9600 use diy-thermocam-checker
>>9600 default x (Lepton 2.x),
>>>9600 use diy-thermocam-parser

A file with the byte 3840 set to 0xFF, for example, will trigger the first line, because it will be resolved as signed "-1", and "-1 < 19" is true.
I believe this behaviour is incorrect and can be solved by using "ubyte" and "ulefloat".
The same applies to the other rules, where I think changing the signed condition to an unsigned would greatly reduce the number of false positives.

I don't know the DIY-Thermocam format, and it was added by someone named "Harald Geyer". If someone know the file format or know how to contact him, please help to fix this magic file.
Steps To ReproduceUse underflow to trigger some rules. See file attached for example.
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2018-06-12 09:33


measure-fake.bin (9,621 bytes)


2018-06-23 16:13

manager   ~0000005

Fixed as suggested


2018-08-01 09:04

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