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0000020fileGeneralpublic2018-08-01 08:51
Reporteranonymous Assigned Tochristos  
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Platformx86_64OSGNU/LinuxOS VersionCentOS 7
Product Version5.34 
Summary0000020: --mime-encoding --uncompress reports a mangled string for .tar.gz files
Have a problem similar to, but for .tar.gz files instead of .doc
Option --mime-encoding --uncompress (-z) for my .tar.gz file produces "application/x-tarbinary"

$ file --mime-encoding --uncompress example.tar.gz
example.tar.gz: application/x-tarbinary

$ file --mime --uncompress example.tar.gz
example.tar.gz: application/x-tar; charset=binary compressed-encoding=application/x-gzip; charset=binary

Suppose that instead of "application/x-tarbinary" program should just return "binary"
Tried with latest release 5.34 (compile from source) and with old pre-installed version 5.11
Steps To Reproduce1. Create example.tar.gz archive with two non-empty text files in it;
2. Run `file --mime-encoding --uncompress example.tar.gz`
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2018-08-01 08:51

manager   ~0000019

fixed, thanks

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