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0000213fileGeneralpublic2021-03-28 19:03
ReporterMikhail.Kovalev Assigned Tochristos  
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Fixed in Version5.40 
Summary0000213: Chiasmus encrypted files (.xia)
DescriptionChiasmus ( is encryption software used by many public authorities in Germany. It would be great if file library could detect .xia files.
Additional InformationDetection should be easy: the first characters in the file are always "XIA". An example file is attached.
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2020-11-30 16:50


example.xia (338 bytes)


2020-12-17 00:04

manager   ~0003510

Added, thanks!


2021-03-25 11:43

reporter   ~0003574

I am really sorry, but this turned out to be a duplicate. Detection of Chiasmus files was already implemented in
So the newly added file should be removed.

The problem is that it's only the "textual description" which gets set if the file type is detected. But the MIME-type remains "application/octet-stream". Which indeed should be the case according to
However, in the past there were some attempts to introduce special MIME types for Chiasmus files, e.g. from
- application/x-chiasmus-key Chiasmus key
- application/x-chiasmus-encrypted Chiasmus encrypted data

Would it be possible to add such MIME types to the File library?


2021-03-28 19:03

manager   ~0003579

removed contents from crypto

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