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0000256fileGeneralpublic2021-04-19 18:38
ReportermutableVoid Assigned Tochristos  
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Product Version5.40 
Fixed in Version5.41 
Summary0000256: Wrong file type for file with one-bit char before new-line
When I execute `file` on a file that contains only a single (one-byte) character before the newline which terminates the file, the reported file type is binary instead of Unicode text (see section: Steps to reproduce).

This messes which programs like `more`, which therefore refuse to print the file's content, as the reported file type is binary.

I encountered this in the following scenario:

> printf 'h\n' > file2
> more file2
******** file2: Not a text file ********

> od -x file2
0000000 0a68

When I fill the file with a character that takes more than a single byte in Unicode, the problem does not occur:
printf 'รค\n' > new_file
file new_file
new_file: Unicode text, UTF-8 text
Steps To Reproduce```bash
printf 'h\n' > new_file
file new_file
`new_file: data` instead of the expected `new_file: Unicode text, UTF-8 text`
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2021-04-02 19:03

reporter   ~0003582

Might be related to the fix of , printing the same character multiple times also reports `binary` instead of UTF-8 text:

printf 'aa\n' > new_file
file new_file
new_file: data


2021-04-19 18:38

manager   ~0003590

Fixed, thanks!

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