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0000271fileGeneralpublic2021-11-14 12:21
ReporterDaarkWel Assigned Toadministrator  
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Product Version5.40 
Summary0000271: MIME type for .nef needs to be image/x-nikon-nef
DescriptionMIME type for .nef files is "image/tiff" but it needs to be "image/x-nikon-nef". Mimetype from perl-file-mimeinfo shows it right.

file --mime-type /tmp/DSC_1234.nef
/tmp/DSC_1234.nef: image/tiff

mimetype /tmp/DSC_1234.nef
/tmp/DSC_1234.nef: image/x-nikon-nef
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2021-06-30 09:46

administrator   ~0003614

Do you have an example .nef file I can test with?


2021-07-14 08:24

reporter   ~0003629

Sorry for delay. Yes.


2021-08-30 11:42

reporter   ~0003640

Same issue here, this causes a lot if image viewing programs to fail opening raw images (NEF, ARW tested)


2021-11-14 12:20

reporter   ~0003674

Attached is another example of a NEF file recognized as TIFF.
It comes from where you can also find examples of PEF and DNG files recognized as TIFF.


2021-11-14 12:21

reporter   ~0003675

Not possible to attach the file in fact: too big.

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