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0000350tcshGeneralpublic2022-10-03 17:11
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Summary0000350: complete: completion list words do not accept the `/` character.
DescriptionIt seems to me completion list words do not accept the `/` character. Escaping it does not seem to work. If there's a correct way to write such expression a small example would be nice, perhaps in the docs or in a test.
Steps To ReproduceExample. Neither of these work to give the expected completion options a/a a/b a/c:
complete ml 'p/1/(a/a a/b a/c)/'
complete ml 'p/1/"(a/a a/b a/c)"/'
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2022-09-10 17:35

reporter   ~0003816

This seems to work

> complete ml 'p_1_(a/a b/b a/c)_'
> ml^D
a/a a/b a/c

The second character is considered the separator throughout (# seems to work as well).

I'm not entirely sure where in that pretty long section on the `complete` builtin this note would go, I don't think I ever read every word in that section.

I'm not sure what an autotest would test, it requires someone interactively triggering completion options; when you add a completion, it pretty much just stores the string as is and only evaluates it when needed. So 'man page' is probably the correct place to mention this.


2022-10-03 17:11

reporter   ~0003823

I was getting ready to update the man page, but re-reading the section more carefully, I noticed there already is a passing mention to alternative delimiters:
                [.........................] For example, the Elm mail program uses
               `=' as an abbreviation for one's mail directory. One might use

                   > complete elm c@=@F:$HOME/Mail/@

               to complete `elm -f =' as if it were `elm -f ~/Mail/'. Note
               that we used `@' instead of `/' to avoid confusion with the
               select argument [...................]

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