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0000351fileGeneralpublic2022-06-28 04:03
ReporterCathyKMeow Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSArch Linux ARMOS VersionRolling
Product Version5.41 
Fixed in Version5.42 
Summary0000351: Escape "special" characters before outputting
Description`file` does not escape "special" characters in file name before outputting. This is vulnerable to Trojan Source attacks.


An attacker make an executable binary file containing malicious code look like a non-executable ASCII text file, so the user might try to open them in the GUI by double clicking on it, which instead executes the file.

Expected behavior:
user@localhost:~$ mkdir $'a\nb'
user@localhost:~$ file $'a\nb'
'a'$'\n''b': directory

What I see instead:
user@localhost:~$ mkdir $'a\nb'
user@localhost:~$ file $'a\nb'
b: directory
Steps To Reproduce```
$ mkdir $'a\nb'
$ file $'a\nb'
Additional Information```
user@localhost:~/file_bug_test$ mkdir $'a\nb'
mkdir: cannot create directory 'a\nb': File exists
user@localhost:~/file_bug_test$ ls
user@localhost:~/file_bug_test$ find .
user@localhost:~/file_bug_test$ tar -cf file_bug_test.tar *
user@localhost:~/file_bug_test$ tar --list -f file_bug_test.tar
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2022-05-28 01:06

manager   ~0003753

Fixed, thanks!

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