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0000352tcshGeneralpublic2022-06-05 10:01
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PlatformAMD64OSFreeBSDOS Version13.1-RELEASE
Summary0000352: tcsh does not display emoji
DescriptionHi there,

I have run FreeBSD 13.1 RELEASE. I have a Chinese input method, which could input emoji. The problem is when I input an emoji, for example: 🥰 after the tcsh prompt, it displayed as:

zjs@freebsd:~ % \U+1F970
🥰: Command not found.

The tcsh could display some emoji, for example: ❤️️.

The version of the tcsh is:
tcsh 6.22.04 (Astron) 2021-04-26

I have run into the same problem on Debian with tcsh version 6.21.00 (Astron) 2019-05-08.

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2022-06-05 10:01

reporter   ~0003757

Indeed, Unicode's SMP support is missing.
Here comes a quick macOS check:
bash ok
dash ok
fish ok
ksh ok
tcsh fails
zsh fails

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