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0000356fileGeneralpublic2022-07-04 16:18
Reporterdavewhite Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version5.42 
Fixed in Version5.43 
Summary0000356: JSON parsing incorrectly accepts misspellings for true/false/null in json_parse_const()
DescriptionA JSON file containing the structure
Is detected as 'JSON data'. The text
Is also considered valid JSON.

During parsing, when detecting 't' (in file is_json.c:374) the json_parse_const() is called with the value "true".

json_parse_const() verifies the text found matches the expected constant, but does nothing with the
result of the test, and always returns true as long as the first letter matches (t for true, f for false or n for null)
and the word found was the correct length.

{"test":nxx} is invalid, while
{"test":nxxx} is valid json.
Steps To Reproduce$ echo '{"test":txxx}' > file.json
$ file file.json
file.json: JSON data
Additional InformationIssue exists when built from latest source.



2022-06-11 11:45

reporter   ~0003761

The following batch resolves the issue

diff --git src/is_json.c src/is_json.c
index 86def31..8053d4f 100644
--- src/is_json.c
+++ src/is_json.c
@@ -327,6 +327,7 @@ json_parse_const(const unsigned char **ucp, const unsigned char *ue,
    for (len--; uc < ue && --len;) {
        if (*uc++ == *++str)
+ break
    if (len)
        DPRINTF("Bad const: ", uc, *ucp);


2022-07-04 16:18

manager   ~0003774

Fixed, thanks!

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