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0000359fileGeneralpublic2022-07-04 20:08
Reporterdarose Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLinuxOS Version5.18.3 
Product Version5.42 
Fixed in Version5.43 
Summary0000359: v5.42 not correctly identifying JSON Lines files
Descriptionv5.41 would correctly identify a JSON Lines file (see and as json. v5.42 now only identifies it as ascii text.

(This is breaking functionality in a project of mine which requires the ability to detect json files.)
Steps To Reproduce1. Upgrade "file" to v5.42
2. Run "file" on a valid JSON Lines file.
3. "file" will not identify it as json; only ascii text.
Additional InformationSee the following output for an example:

$ cat /tmp/test.json

$ pacman -Q file
file 5.41-1

$ file /tmp/test.json
/tmp/test.json: JSON data

$ sudo pacman -S file
Packages (1) file-5.42-1

$ pacman -Q file
file 5.42-1

$ file /tmp/test.json
/tmp/test.json: ASCII text
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2022-07-04 20:08

manager   ~0003781

Added, thanks!

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