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0000399fileGeneralpublic2022-11-04 13:35
Reporterlindblad Assigned Tochristos  
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Fixed in Version5.44 
Summary0000399: file typos
DescriptionI recently cloned the GitHub mirror.

The code appears to contain some typographical errors.

The attached shell script is authorised for modification and/or use by the file utility developers.
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2022-10-30 12:25

reporter (1,831 bytes)   

sed -i 's/Coporation/Corporation/g' file/magic/Magdir/windows
sed -i 's/Famciom/Famicom/g' file/magic/Magdir/console
sed -i 's/Florain/Florian/g' file/magic/Magdir/archive
sed -i 's/Represetation/Representation/g' file/magic/Magdir/geo
sed -i 's/Specicic/Specific/g' file/magic/Magdir/asf
sed -i 's/alpabetical/alphabetic/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos
sed -i 's/aray/array/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/exanples/examples/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/excutable/executable/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos
sed -i 's/exectable/executable/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos
sed -i 's/execuable/executable/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos
sed -i 's/existance/existence/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/explict/explict/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/improvent/improvement/g' file/ChangeLog
sed -i 's/interupt/interrupt/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos
sed -i 's/lenght/length/g' file/magic/Magdir/
sed -i 's/lenght /length /g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/lenghth/length/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/litte/little/g' file/magic/Magdir/uterus
sed -i 's/misidentfied/misidentified/g' file/magic/Magdir/mathematica
sed -i 's/misidentifed/misidentified/g' file/magic/Magdir/sysex
sed -i 's/misidetified/misidentified/g' file/magic/Magdir/intel
sed -i 's/misidetified/misidentified/g' file/magic/Magdir/macintosh
sed -i 's/probaly/probably/g' file/magic/Magdir/images
sed -i 's/publiction/publication/g' file/magic/Magdir/wordprocessors
sed -i 's/repeateadly/repeatedly/g' file/doc/
sed -i 's/revison/revision/g' file/magic/Magdir/intel
sed -i 's/sandboxiing/sandboxing/g' file/ChangeLog
sed -i 's/sendmal/sendmail/g' file/magic/Magdir/sendmail
sed -i 's/shound/should/g' file/src/compress.c
sed -i 's/tranducer/transducer/g' file/src/vasprintf.c
sed -i 's/whatr/what/g' file/magic/Magdir/sendmail (1,831 bytes)   


2022-10-31 14:24

manager   ~0003855

Committed, thanks. Portability note: sed -i <pattern> is not portable; you should use sed -ie <pattern>. For example fails on macosx and bsd.


2022-10-31 15:26

reporter   ~0003856

I was using GNU sed, so thanks for the tip regarding sed -ie <pattern>.

sed -i 's/alpabetical/alphabetic/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos

factually the above line should have read

sed -i 's/alpabetical/alphabetical/g' file/magic/Magdir/msdos

which would have resulted in the following

# check for "long" alphabetical Lotus driver name like:

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