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Summary0000404: mime-types and extensions for GRIB
DescriptionI would suggest enhancing the magic entries of "GRIB" with ext and mime items:

in file magic/Magdir/meteorological:
0 string GRIB
>7 byte =1 Gridded binary (GRIB) version 1
!:mime application/x-grib
!:ext grb/grib
>7 byte =2 Gridded binary (GRIB) version 2
!:mime application/x-grib2
!:ext grb2/grib2

Additional InformationFor reasoning for the mime type, see and search for "grib" (search for "application/")
suggests the mime-type "application/wmo-grib2" to be registered with IANA,
but this never happened and is nowhere used in practice. Until then, it is recommended to use "application/x-grib2"
(for the version 2 variant).

For file suffixes, both the short and the long variants are used approximately equally often in practice,
so I suggest adding both variants. The suffixes grb1 or grib1 are seldom used.

As there is software which only can handle either GRIB1 or GRIB2 and not both, I suggest adding two separate mime entries
and not merging them.
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