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0000405fileGeneralpublic2022-11-15 23:04
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Product Version5.43 
Summary0000405: Wrong mime for JPEG XL images
DescriptionThe mime type for JXL images has been incorrectly redefined as image/x-jxl by the b62c39d1e13a7547e634ce36272f94f3fd39cbc4 commit

Instead, it should be defined as image/jxl
- As such it used to be before the aforementioned commit
- As provided by the URL in the magic/Magicdir/jpeg comment to the JXL-related definitions:
- As there is no definition for image/x-jxl anywhere in the official JPEG XL reference implementation. There is, however, an image/jxl mime definition:

The mistake causes image viewers such as XFCE Ristretto, that rely on file, to be unable to load JXL images because the gdk-pixbuf loader from the JXL reference implementation which they also employ only understands the image/jxl mime.
Steps To Reproduce- Have installed ristretto and libjxl, jxl-pixbuf-loader as well if the distro provides the pixbuf loader in a separate package
- Try open a JPEG XL image with ristretto

Reproducible on a fresh archlinux install.
Additional InformationSetting the JXL mime in magic/Magicdir/jpeg back to image/jxl makes things work again.
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