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0000436fileGeneralpublic2023-05-21 17:10
Reporterfstanchina Assigned Tochristos  
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Product Version5.44 
Fixed in Version5.45 
Summary0000436: "file" reports incorrect line ending for a file with CR on 65536th byte
DescriptionI have a file that is reported as having "CRLF, CR line terminators":
$ file xxx/file.cpp
xxx/file.cpp: C source, ISO-8859 text, with CRLF, CR line terminators

After numerous attempts at re-saving it with uniform line terminators, it still reported an inconsistency.

Turns out that "file" reads at most 65536 bytes to check for encoding and such, and this particular file has a CR exactly on the 65536th byte. So "file" doesn't see the LF on the 65537th byte and reports an inconsistency.

This is obviously not a big problem, but I believe it's worth fixing if possible.
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2023-05-21 17:10

manager   ~0003934

Dup of PR/444

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