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0000438fileGeneralpublic2023-05-21 17:13
ReporterTouchstone64 Assigned Tochristos  
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PlatformM1 Macbook ProOSMacOSOS Version13.3 (22E252)
Product Version5.44 
Fixed in Version5.45 
Summary0000438: Some Apple QuickTime videos not recognised by file 5.44
DescriptionUsing the MacOS Image Capture utility, specifically Image Capture Version 8.0 (1106), importing 'live' photos and regular movies from an iPhone 14 Pro using iOS 16 results in QuickTime .MOV files.

About 75% of these videos are recognised as 'video/quicktime' when using 'file --mime-type'. These videos contain atoms 'ftyp', 'wide', 'mdat' and 'moov' in that order.

However, about 25% of the video files don't have the 'ftyp' atom, they just have 'wide', 'mdat' and 'moov', in that order. In these cases 'file --mime-type' identifies the video files as 'application/octet-stream'. Using exiftool, it can be seen that the 'MIME type' tag in these files is indeed 'video/quicktime'.

.MOV files from earlier versions of iOS don't seem to have this issue, presumably a change in iOS is responsible for the different .MOV file content.
Steps To ReproduceUse Image Capture to import a few dozen 'live' photos and videos from an iPhone running iOS 16.
Use the command 'file --mime-type *.MOV' in the directory where the files are stored and observe the output on the command-line.

(Unfortunately all my .MOV files with this content are larger than 2,048KiB so I can't upload one to demonstrate.)
Additional InformationThere is already a test for the 'wide' atom in source file ./magic/Magdir/animation 1.87, at line 21. Uncommenting lines 21 and 22 in that file, and using file's -m command-line option to use the modified magic file(s), file recognises the video files as 'video/quicktime'.



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