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0000441fileGeneralpublic2023-05-21 15:51
Reporterfabianthdev Assigned Tochristos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.44 
Fixed in Version5.45 
Summary0000441: Radiance File MIME-Types Commented Out
DescriptionWhen checking the file type of an `.hdr` Radiance file, the correct format is reported by `file`:
$ file radiance_file.hdr
radiance_file.hdr: Radiance HDR image data

However, when querying for the MIME type, the correct value of `image/vnd.radiance` is not returned, instead the following MIME type is determined:
$ file --mime radiance_file.hdr
radiance_file.hdr: application/octet-stream; charset=binary

Looking at `magic/Magdir/images`, it appears that the correct MIME type is defined for radiance files, however it seems to be commented out and is thus not returned.

I would suggest the following patch to return the correct MIME type for Radiance files:
diff --git a/magic/Magdir/images b/magic/Magdir/images
index 19e362ae..be10993a 100644
--- a/magic/Magdir/images
+++ b/magic/Magdir/images
@@ -2549,7 +2549,7 @@
 # URL:
 # Radiance HDR; usually has .pic or .hdr extension.
 0 string #?RADIANCE\n Radiance HDR image data
-#!mime image/vnd.radiance
+!:mime image/vnd.radiance
 # From: Adam Buchbinder <>
 # URL:

If the MIME type definition has been commented out deliberately, please explain why.
Steps To ReproduceCheck the file type of a Radiance HDR file with the `file` command:
$ file --mime radiance_file.hdr

Result: `radiance_file.hdr: application/octet-stream; charset=binary`

Expected result: `radiance_file.hdr: image/vnd.radiance; charset=binary`
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2023-05-21 15:51

manager   ~0003929

Fixed, thanks!

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