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0000466fileGeneralpublic2023-07-18 16:16
ReporterRicky Tigg Assigned Tochristos  
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Product Version5.44 
Summary0000466: Non-reported complete format names and document's number of pages

Note: PDF format documents created by LibreOffice.

case 1 | Non-reported | mention "ODT documnent" and number of pages

$ file -b 0.odt
OpenDocument Text

case 2 | Non-reported | PDF document's number of pages

$ file -b 0.pdf
PDF document, version 1.6

case 3 | Non-reported | PDF/A-3b-format document's complete format and number of pages

$ file -b 0.pdf
PDF document, version 1.7
Additional InformationNumber of pages reported while a PDF-format document is empty.

$ file -b 0.pdf
PDF document, version 1.6, 1 pages

The expression "page(s)", which is suitable both for one or several pages, is worth adopting in the output.
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2023-07-17 15:58

manager   ~0003958

Fixed the page(s) part, but the rest is hard to fix because file(1) depends on the pdf /Count attribute to print the number of pages; if that is not found then how can file(1) deduce the number of pages?

Ricky Tigg

2023-07-18 16:16

reporter   ~0003964

The abilities of third-party tools for Linux to invariably and correctly report the complete name and number of pages of a PDF document are attested. I could reasonably assume that your tool was developed with such abilities. You feel it hard to do the job; that I dully understand.

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