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0000496tcshGeneralpublic2023-12-14 02:34
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OSCentOSOS Version7.3 
Product Version6.24.10 
Summary0000496: Tcsh hangs in pprint
DescriptionI had two jobs running in background. I ran "%2" command to bring second one to foreground. I got following error:

    2: No such job (badjob).

After that, tcsh hangs, and does not give me any prompt.

I had seen this issue earlier with previous tcsh versions, but it would happen only once in a while.
Anyways, I wanted to really get issue fixed, so I had installed debug version of latest tcsh.

I have attached gdb to tcsh, and it shows following stack-trace:

#0 pprint (pp=0x6f3560, flag=7) at sh.proc.c:997
0000001 0x00000000004244f5 in pnote () at sh.proc.c:435
0000002 0x000000000040692d in process (catch=1) at sh.c:2037
0000003 0x000000000040572e in main (argc=0, argv=0x7fffffffca08) at sh.c:1432

I tried to debug it, and I could see that it is stuck in following loop:

997 while (pp->p_procid != pp->p_jobid)
998 pp = pp->p_friends;

(gdb) p pp
$13 = (struct process *) 0x6f3560
(gdb) p pp->p_procid
$14 = 0
(gdb) p pp->p_friends
$15 = (struct process *) 0x6f3560

As you can see, "pp->p_friends" is same as "pp", so the list is circular list, and iteration would never end.

I would keep my gdb attached to tcsh, so if you have any suggestion to check in gdb, please let me know.

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