Released 2021-10-18
0000283: [General] More X11 (christos)
0000288: [General] Naming conflict when compiling libmagic as Windows static library (christos)
0000287: [General] MIME of message/rfc822 detected as text/plain (christos)
0000285: [General] Python biding of libmagic crash when trying to detect encoding in multithread (christos)
0000284: [General] New file format - SER video sequence (christos)
0000281: [General] epub files report duplicate format names (christos)
0000279: [General] Java source code is reported as C source file (christos)
0000280: [General] Detect silverlight (christos)
0000277: [General] More Plan 9 (christos)
0000275: [General] PDFs with /Filter/FlateDecode streams are incorrectly marked as "password protected" (christos)
0000273: [General] nim files reported as ASCII text (christos)
0000272: [General] Missing separator in multiple mimetypes for some files (christos)
0000268: [General] Magic number and MIME type registration for Resilient Logic (christos)
0000267: [General] File detects CPIO files as "application/octet-stream" (christos)
0000269: [General] Undefined Behavior: applying zero offset to null pointer (christos)
0000270: [General] When printing with %c from magic file, some characters are still escaped as \ooo in output even with -r option (christos)
0000015: [General] Try to acquire the "magic" name on the Python Package Index (christos)
0000263: [General] Shebang patterns only match the beginning of the command, rather than the whole word (christos)
0000262: [General] better sinclair (christos)
0000261: [General] New version breaks subversion tests (christos)
0000253: [General] file 5.40 can no longer print ext4 filesystem UUIDs correctly. (christos)
0000256: [General] Wrong file type for file with one-bit char before new-line (christos)
0000257: [General] file -i doesn't recognize xz files (christos)
0000259: [General] Glueing mime types into one (administrator)
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