Released 2022-06-10
0000351: [General] Escape "special" characters before outputting (christos)
0000348: [General] Can the "-m" parameter take anything as its value? (christos)
0000349: [General] Any text file content starting with PR is detected as RAGE Package Format (RPF) (christos)
0000343: [General] btrfs send image (new file format) (christos)
0000347: [General] Detect Godot textures; improvements for NGPC, Mega Drive, others (christos)
0000340: [General] The ASF_JFIF_Media guid definition is missing two bytes (christos)
0000339: [General] Add more Hercules DASD image types (christos)
0000338: [General] Added more Oric (christos)
0000332: [General] misdetects "[number] text" files as JSON data (christos)
0000334: [General] Binary data files detected as Unicode text (christos)
0000336: [General] using `env` breaks detection of zsh scripts (shown as plain text) (christos)
0000326: [General] add support for QGis files which are currently identified as HTML document (christos)
0000325: [General] WOFF / WOFF2 fonts have no mimetype associated (christos)
0000328: [General] Add various missing MIME-Types (christos)
0000327: [General] fails to detect a json file as JSON data (christos)
0000331: [General] macOS: check fails (christos)
0000329: [General] Another IFF format (christos)
0000322: [General] test should not skip underlying OS errors (e.g. file not found) (christos)
0000321: [General] memory double free if to invoke test with unexpected count of arguments (christos)
0000319: [General] Text files are identified as data (christos)
0000316: [General] .dbf files misidentified as "amd 29k coff prebar executable" (christos)
0000318: [General] Added Oric (christos)
0000314: [General] Add magic for Pronto CCF files (christos)
0000315: [General] Fixed console (christos)
0000311: [General] New magic for the NIfTI neuroimaging file format (christos)
0000308: [General] Fix and improve ARJ file information (christos)
0000310: [General] AddressSanitizer: stack-buffer-overflow on address 0x7ffc1ece1ae0 at pc 0x00000050bb19 bp 0x7ffc1ecdf090 sp 0x7ffc1ecdf088 (christos)
0000305: [General] file utility fails on a simple binary file with ERROR: (null) (christos)
0000307: [General] Build failure with gcc 4.8 (christos)
0000303: [General] False positive PCP (christos)
0000300: [General] Long GIF image doesn't show correct resolution (christos)
0000299: [General] Separate magic for uuencode and xxencode (christos)
0000294: [General] Magic bytes c64 .dfi format (christos)
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