Released 2019-05-16
0000078: [General] [PATCH] add BambooTracker instrument, and version number detection (christos)
0000073: [General] Reports Zip archive data for data with only one PK central dir signature (christos)
0000076: [General] [PATCH] Fix Python 3.7 byte-compiled detection (christos)
0000072: [General] magic/Magdir/apple reports as data (instead of ASCII) (christos)
0000075: [General] file-5.36: configure --enable-zlib actually disables Zlib (christos)
0000070: [General] [PATCH] Add AIX backup and package format detection (christos)
0000069: [General] mistakes Xorg.0.log file as JSON data (christos)
0000066: [General] Another batch of patches for various game console formats (christos)
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