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0000539fileGeneralpublic2024-07-08 22:05
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Summary0000539: New IANA entry for GRIB
DescriptionThere is now an official entry for GRIB at IANA:

Somewhat in contradiction to the existing entry (see 0000404), it was decided to
add a single "grib" type and use the parameter "edition" to differentiate between the different GRIB versions:

Therefore the GRIB entries should probably be changed to:

0 string GRIB
>7 byte =1 Gridded binary (GRIB) version 1
!:mime application/grib;edition=1
!:ext grb/grib
>7 byte =2 Gridded binary (GRIB) version 2
!:mime application/grib;edition=2
!:ext grb2/grib2

As this mime entry is very fresh, there will be "application/x-grib" and "application/x-grib2" mime types
floating around for a long time. But putting it straight now is probably the right decision.
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2024-07-08 22:00

reporter   ~0004062

Hmm, I just tried it by patching /etc/magic, parameters seem not to be supported.
So I guess mime should simply be
!:mime application/grib
for both cases.


2024-07-08 22:05

reporter   ~0004063

And versions are called editions for GRIB, so one could add the string accordingly:

0 string GRIB
>7 byte =1 Gridded binary (GRIB) Edition 1
!:mime application/grib
!:ext grb/grib
>7 byte =2 Gridded binary (GRIB) Edition 2
!:mime application/grib
!:ext grb2/grib2

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