Released 2020-06-14
0000184: [General] files starting with "*** " misidentified as diff (christos)
0000165: [General] Valid JSON incorrectly identified as ASCII text (christos)
0000167: [General] For XML, version="1.0" and version='1.0' are not handled in the same way (christos)
0000166: [General] Magic for PPU (christos)
0000162: [General] should allow one to provided a non-existing -e / --exclude test (christos)
0000160: [General] Add latest AutoCAD DWG magic for r2018 (christos)
0000159: [General] Missing seccomp whitelist entry for getpid() (christos)
0000158: [General] Classification of pcxlib files (christos)
0000154: [General] QTK File support missing (christos)
0000156: [General] misidentifies wikicode '''foo''' as troff (christos)
0000152: [General] JPEG header detection: name use count (30) exceeded (christos)
0000150: [General] New magic: IPS and related patches, Nintendo Badge Arcade, Xbox 360, PVR, KTX, SquashFS fix (christos)
0000148: [General] PGP magic does not recognize files encrypted to Elgamal or ECC keys (christos)
0000145: [General] Incorrect labels for PGP keys of 4096 and 8192 bytes (christos)
0000144: [General] PGP keyids are printed in the wrong byte order (christos)
0000143: [General] X.509 DER certificate not recognized (christos)
0000141: [General] Mpeg videos detected as image/x-tga (christos)
0000140: [General] hit asserts send SIGABRT leading to unplanned exit (christos)
0000128: [General] wrong detection of .pnx data files (christos)
0000139: [General] massive memory usage (leak!?) for small crafted magic files (christos)
0000138: [General] crash (heap-buffer-overflow with) with crafted binary magic file (christos)
0000136: [General] Static build failure (can be fixed by adding libmagic.pc) (christos)
0000133: [General] file 5.38 removed support for detecting pie executable (christos)
0000132: [General] Many source files get recognized as "TI-XX Graphing Calculator (FLASH)" (christos)
0000129: [General] Classification of SYLK Files (christos)
0000130: [General] sandbox blocks required TCGETS on console with glibc (christos)
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