Released 2022-09-13
0000373: [General] only match first out of multiple magic files (christos)
0000379: [General] New python file-magic release (christos)
0000363: [General] Truncated filenames containing multibyte characters (christos)
0000376: [General] Commit 43f7989076aa3731f3558c6954780bc7b2734b64 broke VHD detection (christos)
0000375: [General] Broken output for national characters (christos)
0000374: [General] Endless busyloop in file_mbswidth (christos)
0000371: [General] magic type returned is 100% bogus: ", utcTime=2073-\0120-.0 23:85:8\012 GMT" (christos)
0000370: [General] Typo for "PhotometricIntepretation" (christos)
0000369: [General] src/vasprintf.c typo fix (christos)
0000366: [General] Added to xo65 (christos)
0000367: [General] Add detection of DuckDB database files (christos)
0000365: [General] add detection of Unison archive format (christos)
0000364: [General] Truncated "from" string when processing QEMU ELF coredumps (christos)
0000359: [General] v5.42 not correctly identifying JSON Lines files (christos)
0000362: [General] File name in output shortened with -raw option (christos)
0000361: [General] add save file detection of burp (christos)
0000360: [General] "file -N -f" print dot instead file name (christos)
0000358: [General] filenames in output limited to single char when reading files from stdin (5.42 regression) (christos)
0000357: [General] Please add EROFS loop file detection (christos)
0000356: [General] JSON parsing incorrectly accepts misspellings for true/false/null in json_parse_const() (christos)
0000354: [General] Fails to detect JSON in case of empty array with spaces (christos)
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