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0000514: [General] xhtml File gets detected as just xml OR html (christos)
0000511: [General] html file gets misdetected as csv (christos)
0000510: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000508: [General] JPEG header detection: name use count (50) exceeded (christos)
0000513: [General] mygetopt.h licensing terms are outdated (NetBSD moved from BSD-4-Clause to BSD-2-Clause) (christos)
0000509: [General] geos update (christos)
0000276: [General] between 5.37 and 5.39, file starts identifying bin/sh script with patched shebang as awk/perl (christos)
0000504: [General] Recognise z/OS Program Objects (christos)
0000506: [General] Detect PNGs with APNG extension as such (christos)
0000503: [General] Man pages imprecisions (christos)
0000485: [General] MSDOS executables incorrectly classified as "Windows Icons Library 16-bit" (christos)
0000501: [General] Weak magic for video/quicktime (christos)
0000306: [General] Not recognized: MPEG-2 transport stream (christos)
0000471: [General] seccomp: remove prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE) snake oil (christos)
0000472: [General] Add magic for MOC3 and CAFF formats (christos)
0000474: [General] Support for PlayStation 3/4 SELF (Signed ELF) (christos)
0000475: [General] Magic for Microsoft HTML Application (HTA) (christos)
0000481: [General] A heap-buffer-underflow in mkdbname (apprentice.c:3485:10) (christos)
0000477: [General] leading #![cfg_attr(...)] in rust source can get identified as a shebang (and thus as an executable script) (christos)
0000479: [General] Add magic for libplacebo cache files (christos)
0000484: [General] Misclassifies lua source file as 'JavaScript source, ASCII text' (christos)
0000497: [General] Atari hypertext (christos)
0000499: [General] file misidentifies DSOs with FLAGS_1 tag as "static-pie linked" (christos)
0000500: [General] Add ktx and ktx2 mime types and extension definitions (christos)
0000487: [General] file fails to classify OnionBrowser.ipa correctly (christos)
0000488: [General] mime type for .m3u files (christos)
0000468: [General] Add magic for NRRD imaging data format (christos)
0000469: [General] dllexport keyword required for building Win32 DLL (christos)
0000470: [General] text/xml detected instead of image/svg+xml (christos)
0000457: [General] application/vnd.hp-HPGL false positives (christos)
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