Released 2019-12-16
0000121: [General] [PATCH] tab tests/test.c (christos)
0000122: [General] [PATCH] Add test for ARM (christos)
0000124: [General] S3M files detected as mimetype application/octet-stream (christos)
0000120: [General] [PATCH] tests/test ignore (christos)
0000119: [General] UBSan: funcs.c:576:9: runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null (christos)
0000118: [General] UBSan: readelf.c:1350:19: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 4281348144 + 9223372033368272944 cannot be represented in type (christos)
0000116: [General] support lepton file type (christos)
0000114: [General] zsh shellscript recognized as plain text when the shebang is "#!/usr/bin/env zsh" (christos)
0000112: [General] Incorrect output with -iz on gzip file (christos)
0000107: [General] Add report for squashfs compression algorithm (christos)
0000108: [General] Incorrect mime type for sgml/svg (christos)
0000106: [General] add support for ILDA files (christos)
0000100: [General] device tree configuration (.dts) files listed as "C source" (christos)
0000102: [General] Incorrect fix in "PR/518: Fall back to use setlocale() for the OS's that don't support" (christos)
0000103: [General] ZStandard incorrect MIME type application/x-zstd (christos)
0000096: [General] Add support for Hermes compiled JavaScript bytecode (christos)
0000092: [General] file-5.37 falsely identifies text file (PSF license) as audio/x-psf (christos)
0000091: [General] Ruby files are detected properly when require contains '.' (christos)
0000082: [General] Xbox, Xbox 360, VGM, and SNDH improvements (christos)
0000085: [General] Support CSV detection (christos)
0000079: [General] [PATCH] add OpenTimestamps related magic entries (christos)
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